Want to get another sexual health training under your belt?

Amid the news that fewer students are getting sex education in schools, particularly in junior high, it occurred to us that a lot of Wrap MCs might be the only resource some students have when they need information about sex. Naturally, these questions extend beyond the training videos we offer as a part of the Wrap MC certification. Sure, we’ve got you covered for condoms, but we’re sure you already know that there’s a lot more to wonder – and sometimes worry – about than that.

That’s why we were glad to come across the California STD/HIV Prevention Center Training called “HIV Today: What Everyone Needs to Know”. The online training takes about an hour and includes instruction on the basics of HIV testing, treatment, and prevention, as well as more complicated topics, such as stigma and health disparities in the epidemic.

Most of their trainings are targeted toward health educators, but this one is, as the title implies, designed for everyone. It’s pretty good – take a minute to register and give it a try. You’re sure to learn something your students can benefit from.

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