Innovative approach to sex ed makes the front page of NYT

In case you missed it, there was a great article in the New York Times last week about new, text-based sex education initiatives. One that just launched in the Denver area, called ICYC (which stands for “In Case You’re Curious”), allows users to text in a question about sex, STDs, or birth control that will then be answered by a real person. The article also mentions programs in Chicago, New York and California.

Of course, right here in DC, we’re no strangers to using technology to promote the sexual health of our youth! Teens – and anyone else who texts – can text DCWRAP to 61827 to find out where to get free condoms near them. You can also text DCTEST to the same number to find out where to get a free HIV test. We also made our condom site,, mobile friendly, so now you can get free condoms sent to your front door from your phone.

When it comes to combining sexual health and technology, the possibilities are pretty much endless. Let’s hear your ideas! How will you use your computer or phone to promote sexual health in 2012?

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