Taking down sex myths with humor – nice.

You all know that being a Wrap MC isn’t just about handing out condoms. It’s also about education, and often that means dispelling myths about sex.

“You thought you could use a tampon for protection instead of a condom?” “You thought jumping up and down after sex would keep you from getting pregnant? “You put WHAT in WHERE?” I’ve said all these things in the line of duty before. It can be rewarding to find a teachable moment, but it can also start to feel like you’re banging your head against the wall.

Luckily, the folks behind Have Sex Standing Up have found the humor in these potentially frustrating scenarios. Check out this video about the proper use of condoms.

There are more videos on the Have Sex Standing Up website. Try using one as a conversation starter to talk about sex myths in a way that’s productive for everyone involved. Bonus: Ray, the guy in the video, also happens to be a native of the DC area.

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