One Size Does Not Fit All: Sized-to-fit Condoms

While a regular male condom can stretch to fit over your arm, over watermelons and all sorts of other items, it doesn’t mean they are comfortable for everyone. This is no excuse not to use them, but for many, this type of discomfort is a major factor in their decisions to use (or not to use) condoms.

Researchers, such as those at the Kinsey Institute and Center for Sexual Health Promotion, both at Indiana University, have done a lot of work to find out what deters people from using condoms, and what, specifically, it is about condoms that people don’t like.

According to Dr. Michael Reece, director of the Center for Sexual Health Promotion, “A more comfortable condom contributes to men actually using them. Typically, when a man complains about condom fit, we have assumed that he means that condoms are too small and we have often just ignored this complaint because we think that men are bragging about the size of their penis. It is time for those who establish condom manufacturing standards to consider whether an expanded range of condom sizes is necessary,” and he is not just referring to those who feel that standard condoms are too small. Many men feel more comfortable with a more snug-fitting condom, because they feel it is less likely to slip off.

Frank Sadlo, creator of TheyFit, the first sized-to-fit condom option, offers a “fit kit,” a sheet of paper printed from a computer for sizing—and advising the user to watch out for paper cuts. Very funny… At this time, size-to-fit condoms are available online, and are currently in the testing phase for extended sizing options.

Share your thoughts!: Do you think the availability of extended sizing for condoms, as opposed to the current “regular” and “large” sizes will encourage more men to use condoms?

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