Even Justin Beiber Gets Free Condoms

Because it’s summertime, taking a break from our regularly scheduled scientifically- and politically-infused posts seems appropriate. And we have just the thing for you:

For all the safe-sex advocates out there, you will be happy to know that teen star, Justin Bieber, was recently sent a year’s supply of condoms. NuVo, the provider of the prophylactics, donates thousands of condoms a year to safe sex campaigns, and has a website on which one can provide their address and, just like Justin, get a free supply (though probably not as many) of condoms.

Theories are spinning about why NuVo chose Justin Bieber as the recipient of such a gift: whether his relationship with another teen star is getting “hot and heavy,” as some sources say, or if they want him as a new poster child to promote safe sex to his fans. Either way, the attention it’s getting by the media makes us hopeful that this could be a conversation-starter between parents and their children with Bieber Fever.

Share your thoughts!: Will this Justin Bieber news be an avenue to promote prophylactics to youngsters, or simply a catalyst for conversation at home or in young social networks?

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