Look out, world! New condoms on the horizon

Strata Various Product Design, a Los Angeles-based design firm, creator of a new brand, ORIGAMI Condoms, has not one, not two, but THREE new, dare we say revolutionary, condom designs in the works.  They are as follows…

  • The ORIGAMI Male Condom™ (OMC) – the first non-rolled condom to enter the market, is made out of a ” custom formulated silicone” that the condom’s creator says will enable users to “don in a fraction of the time required for rolled latex condoms” and will be “a true ‘one-size-fits-all'” product.
  • The ORIGAMI Female Condom™ (OFC) is a “unique device … designed to insert comfortably as a small device that subsequently extends to its full length during intercourse.”
  • The ORIGAMI R.A.I. Condom™ is “the first of its type exclusively for receptive anal intercourse,” made of medical grade silicone, and “is designed to insert easily”.
All of these products are currently, or will soon be moving into various testing phases over the next couple of years, and are slated to appear on the market in the spring of 2014. Want to know more? Check out the full press release.

2 responses to “Look out, world! New condoms on the horizon

  1. I can’t wait to see these! I didn’t know they were good for anal too!?

    I wonder if they even get FDA approved… and if they do, how long before Durex or Trojan buy him out

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