Free Condoms for Berlin!

Condom distribution programs such as those here in DC or in New York are not unique to the US. In fact, there was a press release today describing a new condom distribution campaign starting up in Berlin, Germany.

As Thomas Isenberg, a health affairs spokesman, indicated that he and those affiliated with his political party “are always looking for new ways to get the safe sex message out effectively,” and aim to make free condoms “available in hotels, clubs, bars, cafes, all sorts of places.” Isenberg cited New York City’s campaign specifically as inspiration: NYC-branded  condoms have become a widely-recognized symbol around the city and many believes that a marketing strategy such as this could contribute to a more effective distribution campaign.

Share your thoughts! Do you thin a city-branded condom campaign makes people more open to the idea of taking or using condoms? Do you think a campaign like this would be effective in DC?

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