Candy or Condoms for Halloween?

Silverton couple, Dr. Daniel and Kathleen Harris, passed out condoms this Halloween instead of candy to teenagers over 16 to promote safe sex in the community. They’ve been doing this for years, but this Halloween it turned into a city debate. Condoms were given to a 14 year-old (by accident) and the father of this young girl called all news stations in the media and organized protesters in front of their home.

“It is hard for me as a parent to imagine any justification for giving children condoms without parents’ consent,” Côté said. “It’s inappropriate. I want to deal in my own house with my own children.”

Kathleen Harris gives them a speech when she does hand them out:

“The condoms are not to encourage sex, but to let them know what they look like should they decide to have sex in the future. She tells them they probably know someone who needs them, and to pass them along to that person.” “It’s harm reduction,” Kathleen Harris said. “Kids are going to do these things anyway, so we want them to have to at least think about it ahead of time.”

What do you think? Is handing out condoms inappropriate for Halloween?
See original article here.

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