South Africa – Condoms in a Sex Film?

“With three goals in mind — to score a political point, to convey a safe-sex message and to make money — a South African producer has made that nation’s first all-black pornographic movie.

In a departure from the norm for such films, the male cast members wear condoms. Also, the entire cast was tested for H.I.V.

South Africa has the world’s worst AIDS epidemic, with nearly six million infected, and about 1,000 a day dying.

The movie, “Mapona,” which means “naked” in the Sotho language, drew its cast from volunteers who answered audition calls on a sex Web site aimed at the growing black professional class.

The producer, Tau Morena, said in media interviews that the site’s 30,000 members had complained that all the X-rated movies in the country were made in the United States, Europe or Asia.

He said the movie had “a gentle message about safe sex” because young black South Africans still have a “negative attitude towards condoms.” The sequel, he added, would be distributed with safe-sex material.

Most American pornography producers shun condoms, saying customers won’t buy movies with them. They rely on regular testing at industry-sponsored clinics.” – Donald G. McNeil Jr., New York Times

Article Here.

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