South Africa requests 1 billion condoms for the World Cup

 South Africa, as the host for the World Cup Soccer Tournament this June, is preparing for the influx of tourists, who will most likely engage in sex with the thousands of prostitutes residing there. The high rate of HIV makes a campaign around safe sex imperative.  They expect 40,000 more prostitutes traveling to South Africa to add to the existing “Dickie” and “Fannie” are the characters (shown above on the bottom left corner of the poster) of the campaign, promoting safe sex.

They are even saying that the new soccer stadium resembles an unopened condom package.

They have requested 1 billion condoms. Britain has already sent 42 million. South Africa has built new stadiums, renovated airports, repaired roads, and has free condom dispensers for this tournament.

The main concern is safety. Henry, a 49 year old taxi driver in Cape Town, runs the “Bright Red Tour” which he hopes will be popular among tourists. His service provides shuttling between strip bars and prostitutes to ensure safety in the country. He will be charging $500 for this service.

With only a couple weeks away from the start, it will be interesting to see how this unfolds over the next couple months.

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