Condom Art

M. A. Alford, a senior at Lee’s Summit North in Lee’s Summit, MO, created this art piece to the right. It contains 50 condoms tied to a baby doll at the base. He was astonished by the number of teen pregnancies and the lack of education surrounding this issue. He created this peice to help educate and promote the use of condoms to prevent the increasing rate of teenage pregnancies.

“”Whether you condemn or condone teen sex it is still out there, and you just have to acknowledge that. The only way to care for the welfare of these students is to properly educate them,” says Alford.

What do you think? Is this piece offensive or educational?

One response to “Condom Art

  1. Wheather it’s good art or not is of course a matter of personal taste.
    I prefere figurative sculpture. However, the fact that the piece uses condoms gives it an extra-artistic aspect. It is erotic. But then so is a lot of figurative pieces.

    Hopefully Alford’s work will be educational if it helps sexually active teens to be inspired to use condoms. As a condom user myself I look at the piece and immediately am reminded of what I use them for – making it a bit difficult to look at the work in a more detached way!

    We did something similar as a design project in first year of college, filling condoms with plaster and modeling them into interesting, artistic forms – more control of the result than using inflation. Soon we were concentrating on the design, so the fun of using the rubbers was when we had to go to the local drugstore and buy them – as a group!

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