Tell us what you think!

We will soon be revising the promotional materials for the Summer Youth Employment Program to encourage all District young people to know their STD status, get tested regularly, and use condoms if they are sexually active. We would love your feedback on the materials pictured below.

We will be using the tagline from last summer, “Gonna get it on? Gotta put it on.” Instead of doing a condom matchbook, we will be using “condomints,” which are pictured below. Inside the box is a condom and two peppermints. We will also still be distributing dog tags, as pictured below. Help us decide what to put on the box!


Here were the products from last year for you to see:

condom matchbook

info card

dog tags

One response to “Tell us what you think!

  1. THE MAGNUMS were the biggest HIT EVER!!! Made my life (as the lifesize condom) so much easier when speaking to youth! LOVED the campaign- the dog tags seemed unnecessary. Can you partner with some of the design teams from like Duke Ellington to help you maybe make some hip gear? LOL- hip gear means I am not hip! GREAT WORK Megan!

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