Encouraging news in the District’s HIV/AIDS epidemic

Finally, a bright spot in the generally dark landscape of HIV/AIDS in Washington, D.C. Today’s Washington Post featured an editorial regarding the recent release of the 2009 Epidemiology Update from the DC HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, STD, & Tuberculosis Administration (HAHSTA). While some numbers continue to trouble residents and public health officials alike, there is some good news: “For the first time,” the report declares, “we can report that there is a decline in new AIDS cases in the District of Columbia.”

At the press conference for the Epi Update release, HAHSTA director Dr. Shannon L. Hader spoke the truism, “The better we do, the more we have to do.”  In effect, she conveyed that the better HAHSTA’s efforts are to get more District residents tested, aware of their status, and into treatment (if necessary), the more positive cases we will find, and the more public health and medical communities must do to care for and treat these individuals.  But better to know, than be in the dark.

You may read the full editorial here.

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