D.C. distributes free female condoms

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As recognized in today’s Washington Post, D.C. is now officially in the ranks of the first American cities to distribute free female condoms to its residents.  This effort is made possible by partnering with the M.A.C. AIDS Fund (a division of M.A.C. Cosmetics) and the Washington AIDS Partnership.  Though the Department of Health has a full-city free condom program for male condoms — distributing over 3 million condoms in 2009 — the prevalence of HIV continues to be a cause of public health concern in the District.  Female condoms, unlike traditional male condoms, can be inserted before sex so as to avoid “interrupting the moment,” and empower women to take control of their condom use.

Now, female condoms will be made available to all D.C. residents for free, in addition to another new distribution channel exclusive to Washington, D.C.: CVS retail stores and pharmacies will sell packages of three female condoms, all across the District.  Packages of three will retail for nearly the same price as male condoms.

Read the full article, “D.C. to be first U.S. city to give away free female condoms to fight HIV/AIDS,” then start or join the discussion by leaving comments below.  How do you think this effort will affect HIV rates in D.C.?

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