Sizing up the competition: Marketing condoms regardless of size

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When bigger is perceived as better, how do condom marketers overcome the public health challenged by the fact that most men do not, in fact, need the biggest condom?

The Atlantic confronts this topic in yesterday’s online edition.  Read the full article, “The Challenge of Marketing Small Condoms,” here.

From a public health perspective, condoms play an essential role in protecting against HIV and other STDs, as well as unintended pregnancies.  But condoms can only do their job if the users actually wear them, and wear them properly.  The Atlantic article reports that, according to the Journal of Sexually Transmitted Infections, “45 percent of men reported that they had experienced an ill-fitting condom within the last three months.”  Whether men reported “ill-fitting” as being too large or too snug is unclear, but either situation could lead to men taking the condom off entirely.

How can we best market condoms so that users know which size is best to buy?

What are your suggestions on how we can best market condoms so consumers buy the most appropriate size?  Share your thoughts with us below!

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