“Jersey Shore” cast talks safe sex on “The View”

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MTV’s newest reality stars, the cast of “Jersey Shore,” visited “The View” on Tuesday.  “Jersey Shore” followed a group of eight 20-something Italian-Americans living in a beach house on the Jersey Shore for the summer.

The cast of MTV's "Jersey Shore"

Sex and romance played key roles in the “Jersey Shore” story arcs, as Ronnie and Sammi fell in love at the shore house, and many of the other cast members spent their nights trying to find a partner, at least for the night.  Though safe sex was never talked about explicitly during the season, it became a key issue when the cast visited “The View” this week.  Watch the video clip here or here:

Joy Behar of “The View” point-blank asked the cast whether or not they used condoms, in light of all the sexual intentions.After a brief pause, Mike “the Situation” said, “I’m Italian… and I do use protection as well.”

Snooki and Pauley D said they also use condoms. Behar followed up by asking if safe sex extends to the hot tub — the Situation and Pauly D both said even in the hot tub, though Snooki said “not much happened in the hot tub” — and Sherri Shepherd suggested it was unnecessary because “hot water kills all the sperm.”

The truth?  Hot water in a hot tub DOES NOT kill sperm, and women can get pregnant or get STDs from having unprotected sex in a hot tub.  Also, hot tub water is treated with many chemicals which can cause infections and discomfort when having sex, and those chemicals do not kill sperm or STDs.  To keep you and your partner safe, always use a condom and use lubricant to keep things wet.

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