Olympic Protection

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Beijing 2002 Olympics Condom Advertisement

One of several advertisements at the 2008 Beijing Olympics promoting condom use.

Vancouver is gearing up for the 2010 Olympics in many ways — building new facilities, preparing outdoor areas, and ensuring safety for all Olympians, in more ways than one. 

Vancouver health officials are providing 100,000 free condoms during the Games while Safe Games 2010, a group of health organisations, will be handing out 20,000 packages that include condoms and information on Canada’s sex trade.

This will not be the first time an Olympic city has provided and promoted safe condom use during the games.  In Beijing in 2008, officials distributed 100,000 condoms, and designed custom marketing campaigns as shown here.

Olympic villages have been known for excess revelry, amonst athletes and game-goers alike.  Some of this is attributed to victory celebrations, though athletes concede that a lot of the partying is a release of months of stress and preparation.

Said Canadian skier Emily Brydon, “What happens at Olympic Village stays at Olympic village.”  Athletes who have spent months, if not years, in serious training mode, and are eager to just relax and have fun.  Olympic officials are smart to be prepared for the influx of celebration, and are expected to have 100,000 condoms on hand.

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