Rise in teen pregnancy opens contraceptive conversation

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New data reveals the teen pregnancy rate in the United States is on the rise,  for the first time in over ten years.  The findings have also sparked controversy over what has caused the changing trend, in terms of sex education policies and cultural norms.   In today’s Washington Post, Rob Stein writes:

Teen pregnancy has long been one of the most pressing social issues and has triggered intense political debate over sex education, particularly whether the federal government should fund programs that encourage abstinence until marriage or focus on birth control.

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2 responses to “Rise in teen pregnancy opens contraceptive conversation

  1. It’s fascinating that young women have more opportunities than ever before, yet the teen pregnancy rate continues to rise at the same time, stifling those opportunities. Abstinence only education seems to be a flawed approach in these times, when society constantly inundates teens with a relaxed notion about sex. Teaching teenagers to protect themselves is a practical approach, and our efforts should focus on opening the channels of communication between young people and the adults they trust, so that teens can feel comfortable getting the information and resources they need to have safe sex.

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