Want to become a Wrap M.C.?

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Hi, and welcome to the Wrap M.C. blog.  Come on in, stay a while.

This blog is a place for you to stay up-to-date on what’s new with the Wrap M.C. team, get more information about condoms and STDs, and find out about how more of your peers can become a Wrap M.C. If you haven’t already taken the online training to become a Wrap M.C., you can do that here.

Wrap M.C.’s are Masters of Condom education, certified experts to be a reference in their communities about STDs, how to protect against them, and how to talk to people about why using a condom is so important.

To become a member of the Wrap M.C. team, watch this 3-part video training, and then take the post-test afterward. You will need to pass the post-test with a score of at least 24 to become a certified Wrap M.C.

Watch the video:

After watching all three parts of the video training, you’re ready to take the post-test by clicking here.

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